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Welcome to Miyako Sushi and Grill!

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Miyako, which are affliated with the Miyako in Lexington,KY and the Miyako in Crescent Spring,KY, distinguishes itself from other Japanese restaurants in numerous different ways, most remarkably the sushi bar, which is the largest in town and one that makes impressively skilled and tasty sushi in fantastic and brilliant combinations of fresh ingredients, rice, seaweed, and special sauces bursting with flawless flavors. Miyako Japanese Restaurant provides excellent quality Sushi and Japanese Teppanyaki entrees that will keep you wanting more.

At Miyako, we believe that we need to use the best ingredients to bring out their natural flavors and to make sure that you, our customers and friends, receive the best food available.

We appreciate your visit, and look forward to seeing you again.

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